A:  CBI works with attorneys, courts and families facing custody and/or guardianship issues. We also assist agencies involved in the Child Welfare system, i.e. government child welfare agencies, foster family agencies, as well as child and family service providers dealing with child welfare matters.

Q:  Who are CBI's clients?

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Q:  What’s the difference between a Brief Focused Assessment and a Custody Evaluation?

A:  A custody evaluation is an extensive and formal process of appraisal conducted by a psychologist, psychiatrist or licensed therapist to assess a child's functional ability using standardized instruments and methods.

 A Brief Focused Assessment (BFA) involves the collection of information to inform decisions regarding child or family matters. It is conducted as a means to an end to identify issues, design a plan and recommend services that can assist in resolving custody or other issues.

BFAs are cost-effective tools used in the court's decision-making process. They typically cost less to conduct than Custody Evaluations and can be instrumental in cases where a custody evaluation is not warranted. The nature of BFAs is determined on a case-by-case basis and they are generally subject to questions as identified by the court for a quick resolution and beneficial outcomes regarding the child's best interest. CBI affiliates provide BFA written reports, as well as follow-up recommendations as needed. 

Q:  What is CBI’s screening process in hiring social work affiliates?

A:  CBI adheres to a comprehensive screening process that enables us to identify an affiliate’s strengths, so we can place them in assignments that best match their abilities. You can trust that CBI social workers are tops in their field, as we verify education, experience and also conduct criminal background checks. 

A:  CBI's affiliates are seasoned in core social work competencies specific to dealing with Child and Family Welfare matters. Affiliates may be licensed clinical social workers or they may hold either a bachelor's or a masters degree in the discipline of social work from an accredited school or academic institution. Spanish speaking social workers are available upon request.


Q:  What are the advantages of engaging CBI's professional social work services and affiliates?