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Less stress. The major pileup of paperwork that every social worker is familiar with can cause even the most easygoing person to burn out—there’s just too much to do. Offloading the legwork to CBI can abate the pressure on your shoulders, help you reduce staff turnover, and prepare your agency for upcoming law changes instead of making you feel like you’re trying to catch up. CBI stays updated to the minute on current and pending social services legislation, so that you don’t have to.


A common challenge most child welfare agencies face is that, while your social workers are all excellent and hardworking people, there simply aren’t enough of them—and there isn’t always the budget to hire more.

CBI streamlines your processes, enables best practices, and reduces cost all at once. Scroll down to see exactly how we can help.

with our experienced staff to get the job done right the first time.

CBI is a social work consulting firm that works with child welfare organizations to reduce your workload, ensure you meet state requirements, and provide independent, cost-effective, on-call social work experts.

Lower cost. CBI consultants are contracted to you, not employed by you. That means you get expert social workers without the overhead costs of an FTE, and you only pay for them as you need them. By using CBI consultants, you also save time and resources on finding, hiring, and training social workers internally. Our people are vetted, experienced professionals who specialize in our services. That means less ramp-up, more efficiency, fewer hours, and more savings for your organization.

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Faster turnaround. One of our core tenets is agility. CBI’s extensive network of highly qualified social worker experts ensures that we’re ready to jump in to augment your team whenever you need us. Our guarantee: a completed Resource Family Evaluation within 30 days of first contact. When you make the call to divert those responsibilities to us, your team can truly be as agile as you want it to be.

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Better results. All child welfare personnel have the same goal: to help children. Too often, the constraints of a County Child Welfare system prevent us from maintaining the human connection with the people who need that assistance the most. CBI can make an immediate logistical impact on your work and help you get back to the good stuff. By outsourcing assessments and mediation to our social workers, you can streamline your process, meet state mandates, eliminate your backlog, and focus on child safety.