Growing up, I always wanted to be a nun, because they helped people in schools and hospitals, worked with indigenous groups and homeless people...I thought it sounded like such a great job. But then, as I got older, I learned about social work and realized I could do the same job and have a wardrobe...and get married, and have kids!” 

Following a lifetime need to advocate for justice for vulnerable families, Becky has worked in child welfare for over 20 years. She began her career as CASA and the Lincoln Child Center, then rose through the ranks in Contra Costa, El Dorado, and Yolo Counties. As a manager, she had a firsthand view of the need counties have for more resources to support child welfare staff while ensuring families are receiving timely services, and she felt compelled to bridge the gap. And as the mother of a special needs son, she is intimately familiar with how the human services systems, and the politics within them, work.

 So, in 2014, Becky founded CBI to relieve the pressure on county staff and contribute to the best possible outcomes, executed efficiently, for those vulnerable families. In addition, she is an active member of USOA and an elected official of NASW’s District Assembly of Sacramento.

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CBI is a social work consulting firm that works with child welfare organizations to reduce your workload, ensure you meet state requirements, and provide independent, cost-effective, on-call social work experts.

Meet Becky Nelson, CEO

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At CBI, we’ve put in our time. Our staff has experienced the child welfare system inside and out, from both the government and family perspectives. That’s why we’ll make great partners: we all have the same mission.

Our goal is to facilitate the best possible placement for a child, as quickly as possible, and to provide a safe and neutral platform where every member of the team (especially each member of the family) feels empowered to voice their needs and concerns during such a tumultuous time.

CBI’s core values include agility, efficiency, and authenticity. We pride ourselves on being engaging and easy to work with while preserving the pinnacle of professionalism. Social work is a career that involves as much heart as it does intellect. Here, we celebrate both.